M&P 40c Concealed Carry Holster (Belt Loop)

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Approx Internal Dimensions:
Height 6 2/8" Width 5" Depth 1 1/8" (flush base magazine holster)

     The M&P 40c Concealed Carry Holster has a sewn belt loop which can accommodate a belt up to 1.75" inches wide. The holster is made of high quality soft leather, and when worn on the belt resembles a cell phone case. The advantage of this design is that it allows you to carry your M&P concealed, but with full and easy access.

     Now it's possible to wear whatever you want, whenever you want to. Don't dress around your gun anymore. The holster is made inside and out of glove-quality leather, and uses two magnets to stay closed. Each holster is designed for your specific firearm, and the opening is made in such a way that you cannot accidentally place your finger on the trigger during draw. The Kydex insert ensures that a smooth, silent draw occurs every time.

     The use of double stitching and steel rivets guarantees that this holster will last for years to come. All available options are listed above, and the holster can be ordered either with the belt loop, or optional belt clip. We design every holster to be as small as possible and still fit your pistol.

Approx Internal Dimensions:
Height 6 2/8" Width 5" Depth 1 1/8" (flush base magazine holster)
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    M&P 40 Caliber Concealed Carry Holster

    Posted by Guy M GRACE on Jul 25th 2020

    This is an excellent holster & I am very pleased. I am quite certain that most people have no idea I am carrying a weapon . Choose your Sneaky Pete holster carefully and carry your weapon with confidence. My gun is easy to retrieve and very secure, I am very pleased!

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    best holster ever had

    Posted by robert w brown on Feb 1st 2020

    The best holster I ever had. very comfortable and accessible

  • 5

    Posted by Cliff on Feb 16th 2018

    Nice fit, love the new green outdoor gear covering nobody has a clue

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    SP holsters

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 16th 2015

    Comfortable, concealable, funtional, can wear shirts in without showing what you have.

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    Very Well Made Holster

    Posted by Robert Boffo on Feb 26th 2014

    I have purchased two M & P 40 C. I find that these holsters are made of top grain leather, very well made and extremely easy to wear concealed as the holster resembles a cell phone case as many people carry bags much bigger than these holsters. When I wear mine and I wear all the time this holster looks like a cell phone holder. Very professional people to deal with and quick shipping. Bob Boffo

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    Discrete and comfortable

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 9th 2014

    I bought this for my Taurus 24/7 G2c 45 and she fits beautifully. It's a little bulky but it draws no attention to my carrying comfortably outside my waist band. This case is great I have and will recommend this to anyone looking for a concealed carry option that just makes sense .

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    Too bulky

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 22nd 2013

    Too big and bulky.

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    Ecellent carry holster

    Posted by Dwight Cobb on Mar 1st 2013

    I have had my holster for about 2 weeks and i think it is great. I am more comfortable carrying. The environment i work in on the weekend tends to need a more concealed firearm system. I have looked a long time for a really good conceal carry holster and I think I have found it. This is one of the best ones I have had. Great work and I will buy another in the future as the need for a really good conceal holster is required.

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    Whoever dreamed up this concept is a genis.

    Posted by Bob Da Grouch on Feb 14th 2013

    This is as close to perfect as it can get for Massa(Taxa)chusetts. Up here, if the wrong someone gets so much as a glimpse of your piece, you can be arrested, and possibly jailed, if the individual pushes it. From what I've heard & read, a sensible officer will usually explain to said individual, assuming it's the case, that the CW carrier is licensed to carry, and that they shouldn't be concerned. But, if that person really pushes it, the carrier is technically violating the law, in that the weapon wasn't 'concealed enough' to prevent someone from seeing it. Hence, 'welcome to the crossbar hotel'. I'm saving back for one, and maybe two of these, next thing to perfect, holsters. Whatta Idea!

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