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Shortly after placing your order you should receive an email order confirmation. Please look for this in your email inbox, If not there please check your spam filter.  

Once your order is placed, You secure your place in line. We work hard to ship fast, sometimes as fast as 2-3 business days after you placed your order. 

However, since Covid the supply line has been, and continues to be strained. The new normal is slower. Some materials, colors and styles are delayed, but we ship as soon as we possibly can. We apologize in advance should this happen to you and your order

We ship USPS Monday-Friday. with delivery ETA around 3-6 business days once shipped, depending on where you live. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email which includes a tracking #, again if not in your inbox, please check your spam filter.  

It is our hope that once you receive your order, that it is perfect for your firearm, exactly to your liking and that you feel happy with your purchase! Should you not feel this way we are happy to accept returns, help with exchanges and trouble shot any issues that comes up, please find more help under "Contact us”

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We sell our holsters and other products online only. Our full line in different colors and materials are available through our website. In addition our customer support is by email. Please do not mistake that for not wanting to help, On the contrary, we are happy and eager to help. Please find CONTACT US on our website for any questions / concerns you may have. We are standing by, ready to assist!


Our website is secure, We use 128 bit encryption and have our own SSL Certificate. (Which is considered Gold Standard) When you add something to your “cart” on our website, you will see the well known padlock symbol in the address bar. In addition, we do not offer the ability to “create an account” with us. Another words, when you place an order with us, we do not save your personal information as another way to keep your account safe. If you are of the mindset that you simply do not want your information on the internet you can also mail in your order. Please contact Customer Support “Contact Us” for help with this!

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- Our Signature Holsters are protected by a U.S Patent 

- Using high quality materials and workmanship 

- A wide variety of products, colors and material created for our own need, or by customers feedback and request.

- Most of our holsters are available as clip or loop (with a few exceptions)

- We use rare-earth (neodymium) magnets to ensure strong closure, yet silent.

- Our belt clips are made of hardened spring steel to prevent failure. Strong yet user friendly.

- Our belt loops use 4 steel rivets each, to ensure life time strength and a snug fit.


We offer a variety of Products:  

Our Signature Gun holsters $39.95-89.95

- PHONE Holsters 24.95 - 39.95  

- Match Grade & Plan Ahead BELTS that fits our Clip and Loop holsters perfectly. $29.95 - 64.95

- Pocket Protectors for your MAGAZINE, a sleeve for your magazine, for protection and for comfort in your pocket. $12.95 - 19.95

- Quick Clip MAGAZINE HOLSTER, an open sleeve for your magazine, with a belt clip $15.95 - 25.95

- Plan B MAGAZINE HOLSTER  with a flap to conceal the magazine, with a belt clip $29.95

- Ammo Armor $9.95

- BUG Bite Holsters $44.95



- Our Holsters are handmade, part of the making of each product includes raw materials, glue and sewing, some products start of a little snug for that reason. A little break in might be required. Helping that process is easily done. 

- Custom Kydex inserts securely hold and orientate your forearm for safety, ease of use and draw. 

- PLEASE NOTE: Our Holsters are not generic, but fitted for a specific make, model and configuration. Take a look at our fit guide, if unsure please contact customer support for help. 


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We sell a mixture of 55/45 Clip to Loop holsters. Both are popular, a matter of preference really. Clip holsters are easier to move once on the belt and also remove from the belt without having to take the belt off.  The clips are made of spring steel and are very strong. The shape of the clip makes it very hard to grab the holster off your belt without first reaching behind the holster to release the clip, We designed it this way to prevent theft. The clip holsters sit a little lower.

 The Loop Holsters sit a little higher and a little more snug to the body, This is a great option if you want the holster to stay a bit more in one place. Because the loop creates a leather to leather (with your belt) connection, there is a lot more friction which makes it less adjustable.


Sneaky Pete Holsters are not generic but are specifically made to fit each Make, and specific Model as we have them listed on your website. Each holster typically have a snug fit and does not have any or much room for variations.

Some holsters we sell are available with a pinky extender option, when this is an available option, it makes that holster a little wider to accommodate the pinky extender. It is important to note that all variations do not work and even small variations add to overall dimensions of a gun and for that reason may not work in the holster. None of our holsters work with extended magazines, only the flush magazine or a pinky extender when available as an option and selected. 

LASERS and our holsters: lasers that are fitted under the barrel and in front of the trigger guard will work well, lasers fitted any other way typically does not work, simply because it increases the overall dimensions of the gun.

GRIPS and our holsters: Grips that increase the thickness beyond the standard size like many aftermarket grips, will not typically fit.

Our holsters are made for the exact gun we list and picture. Your gun needs to look like and be configured exactly as ours for the holster to fit. Should that not be the case please contact Customer Support “Contact Us” who might be able to help with fit by dimensions.

To get an idea of overall size of the holster, we suggest you draw a square around your firearm, which will help you visualize the size. Our holsters are not larger than they have to be, but because they are square to simulate and blend in as an electronic/phone case they may be visually larger than you imagined. We do not get a lot of returns, however size is the biggest reason for returns. In the same breath we have customers on a daily basis asking us to make holsters for Gun Models and configurations that would require a much larger holster than the largest we currently make, so to each his own :)

 Our BELTS are measured from the buckle including the whole buckle to the first hole, this measurement is the size.


Sneaky Pete Holsters We believe in our products and stand behind the quality of materials and workmanship. I assure you we would gladly help repair or replace any product that does not hold up to normal wear and tear. If the situation arise we would ask ask depending on your description to either mail the item to us or send pictures so that we could take a look. We are pretty easy to get along with, so I would say the process would be pretty easy by anyone’s standards. 


Than you for considering our products! 

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