Sneaky Answers

I received the wrong product, what do I do now?

Don’t worry, we will get this sorted out! The absolutely best way to do so is via email. By experience we ask that you follow our lead. Please start with checking 1-4 below and then contact customer support.

1. Take a look at your receipt and double check what was ordered and what was shipped.

2. Confirm that you have the exact model of pistol that is listed
*For example, customers sometimes mistakenly think that their LC380 is the same as the LCP, or an M&P9 is the same as an M&P9c. These are important differences. If you ordered something from our website because you didn't see your exact pistol or perhaps thought they were one and the same.

3. Confirm that you ordered a holster that will fit the configurations on your firearm.
*For example, If your pistol has a pinky extender and your order was for a flush magazine holster, or you use a side mounted laser, after market sights or an extended magazine then you will have a fit issue.

4. If everything seems to match up with your receipt then contact customer support for more help. They will take yo thru a few questions and ask for a few photos to further assist in helping you.