Sneaky Pete Answers

Will my pistol fit with lasers, extended magazines, sights and pinky rests?

Our Holsters are made for and most conducive to the smallest version of any firearm models we have listed. With few exceptions our holsters will NOT FIT firearms with configurations that change the overall size and shape.

1. LASERS: most laser brands will fit in our holsters *IF fitted under the barrel and in front of the trigger guard. If the laser extendes below the triggerguard or in front of the barrel they will not work. If the laser is mounted anywhere else on the firearm then it will not work with our holsters.

2. PINKY EXTENDERS: Some holsters we sell are available with a pinky extender option, when this is an available option our holsters are fitted to work only with the Factory Pinky extender. After market brands will generally not work as they are often bigger/longer. If the picture of the pistol does not have a pinky extender or if you do not see the pinky extender as a option, then your firearm will not fit in our holster with the pinky extender.

3.EXTENDED MAGAZINES: Our holsters are made as small as possible in order to "blend in” on your hip, for that reason they are made for the firearm using a flush magazine. With a few exceptions we do not offer a holster for the use with an extended magazine. Extended magazine’s generally add significant length and in turn would make the holster much larger.

4. SIGHTS: Even a slight increase in overall height can lead to the holster not fitting. Sights that differ from factory or are non-standard special order often do not work.