Sneaky Pete Holsters

Can I call, do you offer a phone number?

As an e-commerce business we operate 100 % online and do not offer a phone service. Thru extensive testing, have found that the absolute best customer service we can provide you with has proven to be email. In order to provide you the best product at reasonable prices and great service, we have chosen to operate this way. Much like most other online businesses, this is normal practice by today's standard. We do understand that not everyone agrees but it is our choice.

Please do not mistake that for not wanting to help, we are both happy and eager to help via email! As a family run business we value our customers and always have their best interest at heart.

We respond to all emails within 24 hours but in actuality much much faster.

If you should ever feel ignored, Please DONT! if you are not getting a response to your email within 24 hours there is a reason. We respond to hundreds of email daily and rest assured we do not ignore anyone. If you did not receive a response it is due to us not receiving your email or our response getting stuck in your spam filter.

Please make sure you contact us via the proper channels on our website, that you type in your own email correctly, and that you check your spam filter for a response.