Sneaky Answers

How big is the holster?

The best way to visualize the size is to draw a square around the overall dimensions of your gun. Outside of the material the holster is made of, that should give you a good idea of size. Most dimensions are posted on our website, they are approximate inside dimensions and for the standard holster.

A holster for a gun with the use of the pinky extender will be larger, but only large enough to fit the factory pinky extender.

Our Holsters have a cellphone case resemblance, the idea is that by today’s standard's people carry electronics on our person, in bags, and on our hips and no one really pays attention because it is normal. Our holsters are not cellphone cases in a literal sense, but the idea is that they blend in with todays normal behavior. That being said the larger the gun the larger the holster. We have feed back from customers who bought our largest holster, and feel its great i.e. no one notices and it is hidden in plain sight. others may disagree with that. As with everything, to each his own.