Sneaky Pete Answers

I don't see my pistol model listed, can you make a holster for me?

Regretfully we do not offer custom work.

Our holsters are not generic. The size, inserts and access cutouts are made specifically with each make, model and configuration in mind as we have them listed and pictured.

If your pistol make and model is not listed, please contact customer service with your request.

We do add products to our Sneaky Pete lineup and always with customer feed back in mind. If a frequently requested and popular pistol falls within a size that is conducive for our type holster it will be considered for Sneaky Pete Lineup.

What we mean with "conducive to our holsters" is size & thickness of any pistol. The smaller the better in our opinion, but the largest overall size can not be larger than: Height 7 Width 5 1/2 Depth 1 3/8 or our holsters become what we feel simply too big.